Textile Processing

End-to-End Enzymatic Processing for Textile Mills

With PrimaGreen®, textile mills benefit from neutral pH and mild temperature conditions at every step of textile processing.

There’s an enzyme for every stage of textile processing, from desizing through finishing—including bio-bleaching. PrimaGreen® enzyme technology provides textile mills with improved fabric quality, lower fabric weight loss, enhanced absorbency, and improved fabric dyeability compared to conventional scouring and bleaching.

  • Lower temperatures, for energy savings
  • Neutral pH, for softer fabrics
  • Combined processing, for less water consumption

Enzymes break down starch and are therefore useful for desizing woven fabrics. Our range of desizing alpha-amylase enzymes are available for use in a wide pH and temperature range and are suited for all starch desizing processes.

PrimaGreen® EcoScour enzymes represent the latest innovation for low to medium temperature scouring and bleaching at neutral pH, allowing savings in use of water and energy. Results in improved fabric quality (softer, bulkier hand), lower fabric weight loss, enhanced absorbency and improved fabric dyeability compared to conventional scouring.

Peroxide Cleanup
PrimaGreen® catalase enzymes promote effective peroxide removal even under the most stringent processing conditions. These robust enzymes provide reliable and complete peroxide removal ensuring a more consistent dyeing result.

Fabric Biofinishing
Our cellulase enzymes facilitate fabric biofinishing at acid and neutral pH conditions to reduce pilling and create a higher quality surface by removing fibrils that make fabric surfaces rough or “fuzzy”. These enzymes can elevate the performance of lower quality cotton fabrics by producing a cleaner and smoother surface, softer hand, and improved fabric drape.



Textile Processing Product List
Download a list of enzymatic solutions for textile processing and garment finishing applications.
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