SYNERXIA® THRIVE Fermentation System

Next-Generation Yeast Technology to Increase Your Ethanol Yields

Your Pathway to the Future

The SYNERXIA® THRIVE Fermentation System, will change the way you think about ethanol production by delivering results never before seen in industrial fermentations.  


SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY is the result of a multi-year effort by DuPont scientists who developed a patent pending carbon efficient pathway resulting in the next generation in yeast technology to deliver:

  • Higher ethanol yields 
  • Robust performance across a range of conditions
  • Active Dry Yeast for easy handling


Conventional yeast metabolizes sugars through glycolysis into ethanol, CO2 and glycerol.  SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY diverts some of that sugar through a patent pending, carbon efficient pathway (PKL Pathway) and converts those sugars directly to ethanol giving up to 2% higher yield and without producing glycerol and CO2.  


While yields are important to the industry, so is the ability to keep running in challenging conditions.  SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY was also designed to respond to the stressors caused by organic acids and temperature excursions and other challenging conditions.  Fermentations experiencing increased acids or higher temperatures showed reduced stress response versus traditional yeasts.  

By combining our new groundbreaking yeast, SYNERXIA® THRIVE ADY, with our premium debranching glucoamylase, SYNERXIA® THRIVE LC, ethanol yields up to 4% have been seen compared to a conventional system.   

We are here to help you succeed and maximize the potential of your operations. With our end-to-end technical support, you can be confident in knowing that we will be by your side to ensure success.  

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