Carpet, Apparel and Textiles

Delivering innovative, biobased solutions throughout the textiles value chain

As a science company with a long history in the textiles industry, DuPont has delivered several innovations over the years such as nylon, Lycra®, Kevlar® and rayon. Today, we have focused our scientists and engineers on a new challenge: creating everyday materials from renewable sources rather than petroleum, and bringing new sustainability benefits to industrial markets.

Biobased Fibers for Carpet and Apparel

Through the development of Bio-PDO™, a bio-based monomer, DuPont has created a renewably sourced ingredient for DuPont™ Sorona® fiber, which is used in products such as carpet and apparel. Producing Sorona® uses 30% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 63% compared to producing an equal amount of nylon 6.

Sorona® fiber has revolutionized the carpet industry by setting new standards for soft, stain-resistant carpets in both commercial and residential applications. In apparel, Sorona® has proven that sustainable material does not require a sacrifice in performance, and is versatile enough to adapt to all different types of fibers and fabrics.

Enzymatic Textile Processing

Like many industrial sectors, the textile industry is facing increasing pressure to lower its impact on the environment. DuPont has responded to this need with PrimaGreen®, a range of bleaching and scouring enzymes that enable more sustainable pretreatment or finishing in textile prcessing. PrimaGreen® enzymes perform at much lower temperatures and use less water than conventional processes, giving the fabric a softer ‘handle’ and yielding brighter colors after dyeing.