Home Care and Cleaning

Consumer-Focused Product Innovation for Home Care and Cleaning

Biobased solutions for the detergents industry are meeting the needs of consumers globally

Through collaboration and insight, DuPont enables exciting technology innovations in laundry and dishwashing, for both commercial and industrial applications. Over the years, we have solved challenges worldwide by working closely with our customers, test institutes and peers throughout the detergents industry. It’s this collaborative approach that helps us to develop detergent enzyme technology that address consumer trends and offers real marketable claims for manufacturers in the laundry and dishwashing markets.


Though consumer insights and close collaboration with our industry partners, DuPont has developed a range of enzymatic solutions for laundry detergent manufacturers focused on consumer needs. For example, we have developed enzymes effective at lower temperatures, to enable consumers to wash their clothes in colder water - saving both time and energy. 


As a market leader in enzyme solutions for the automatic dishwashing detergent market, we are the go-to provider for the most pioneering, sustainable and consumer-led solutions in the industry. Our enzymatic solutions for automatic dishwashing detergents encompass a wide range of offerings based on consumer insights and industry collaboration.

Industrial and Institutional (I&I):

Our line of professional-grade enzymes for industrial & institutional Cleaning Applications deliver optimal cleaning performance, Developed specifically for the needs of the industrial laundry and warewashing industries, these solutions are helping meet goals to lower energy and water consumption, minimize equipment wear, and extend the lifetime of linens and fabrics in hotels, restaurants, and other markets.