Tyvek® 40L

New DuPont™ Tyvek® 40L

Applicable for lightweight, lower-risk medical device packaging

New Tyvek® 40L offers a lighter weight Tyvek® that's cost effective for protecting lightweight, lower-risk devices. All in a clean peel, low particulate generating material—that's compatible with most major sterilization methods.

The addition of Tyvek® 40L to the family of Tyvek® styles for medical packaging provides an economical and robust Tyvek® option for applications where medical-grade papers are used.

With many of the properties that made Tyvek® a preferred medical packaging material, new Tyvek® 40L offers a new class of Tyvek® that's a cost-effective option for protecting lightweight, lower-risk devices.


  • Economical option for lightweight, lower-risk devices
  • Reliable protective properties—even after sterilization
  • Protects package integrity from product breakthrough inside and rough handling outside
  • Maintains sterility until point of use—even under rigorous conditions
  • Minimizes risk of device contamination when packages are opened or handled


  • Compatibility with most major sterilization methods; excellent performance with ethylene oxide (EO) and gamma radiation sterilization
  • Puncture and tear resistance during handling and transportation—even in high humidity
  • Strength to resist tearing when opening
  • Clean peel
  • Low particulate generation


Tyvek® 40L can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Catheters
  • Drapes and gowns
  • Surgical gloves