Build a formulation with a naturally derived and mulit-functional ingredient having broad pH stability

It is essential to hydrate or swell SoBind™ Harmony soy polymers to obtain maximum functionality.  This is typically done before introducing other ingredients in a formulation, or the soy polymer can be added as a premix. Once hydrated, SoBind™ Harmony can be one step in the formulation process or added as a premix either before or after other ingredients, depending on standard procedures, preferences, and processes

To hydrate SoBind™ Harmony, the combination of the following elements is recommended: temperature, pH, time, agitation (maintaining a vortex).   

The following equipment is recommended to be used: stirrer (4 pale); heating & temp. control: jacketed beaker with steam line; or water bath, or heated plate. For homogenization: rotor stator ultraturax 20 000 rpm or Cuisinart Immersible Blender.

Usage guidelines: 0.5-6%  . The higher % of SoBind™, the more effect on formulation viscosity is obtained.

Formulation tips:

  • Start with clean distilled water. 
  • For best results, the soy polymer to water ratio should not exceed 16—20%.
  • SoBind™ Harmony should be added under shear into existing vortex ( magnetic plates will not give sufficient mixing)
  • The mixing speed should be adjusted according to the developing viscosity
  • For best result use a jacketed beaker to provide even heating. Otherwise, use hot water bath
  • For best result, use steam jacket  to maintain and control temperature. Otherwise, use heated plate
  • Use the appropriate  mixer size and vessel size to prevent mixing air into the liquid and/or generating foam
  • When preparing an emulsion , add SoBind as a premix to an oil phase at 40C for best stability
  • Premix can be stored for short time (2 days) using one of the common preservatives used in Personal care
  • Without preservation, use the SoBind premix within 24 hr
  • Homogenization can be applied at any feasible step during processing.
  • All preservative systems tested have been compatible.    

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