SoBind™ Harmony Soy Polymers

Discover SoBind™ Harmony Soy Polymers

SoBind™ Harmony soy polymers are a family of plant based products specifically designed for the personal care market. They are unique film formers that have conditioning and binding properties. They also offer rheology modification and a variety of secondary benefits to formulations. Structural Peptide Architecture™ (SPA) is what makes these polymers different, exposing a high degree of active sites in a three-dimensional, amphoteric, molecular structure.

Our SoBind™ Harmony line of DuPont Soy Polymer products can replace other less effective plant and animal based products or the harsher, synthetic ones. The 4 products in the Harmony family are differentiated by viscosity, pH, and their hydrophilic or lipophilic nature. All are derived from GMO free soybeans.

Key Characteristics

  • Can be cross linked
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good stability with pH range 5.0 - 12.0
  • Formulating temperature range 20 - 85 degrees Celcius
  • Rigid, protective colloid
  • Water dispersible
  • Anionic, cationic & non-polar components
  • Plant based
  • Non-toxic, renewable resource, biodegradable, no VOCs
  • Produced in a sustainable way