Color Cosmetics

SoBind™ Harmony in Color Cosmetics

Color expression & improved make-up deposition!

SoBind™ Harmony has the ability to bind pigments and colorants, intensifying their effects. It deposits films and holds colorants effectively in aqueous or aqueous-gel based formulations. As a result, the quality, depth and strength of the color is enhanced. 

A PhotoGrammetrix image analysis demonstrates that mascara with SoBind™ Harmony provides darker color to lashes and increases eyelash density.

Soy polymer deposits a  breathable film that prolongs make-up durability as it holds pigments effectively.

Foundations, eye shadows and other aqueous- or gel-based cosmetic formulations are more uniformly applied and make up maintenance is prolonged with SoBind™ Harmony.

Other sensory attributes of SoBind™ include quick drying, reduced oiliness and, as a result, matte skin effect. 

The way, in which SoBind™ Harmony interacts with other ingredients in the formulation, helps achieve unique textures such as soufflé-like, mousse-like or powdery. The texture you can get is formulation-dependent. Depending on % usage of soy polymer  and interactions it makes with other ingredients you can achieve either fluid or rich texture. 

SoBind™ Harmony color cosmetic benefits in a glance: 

  • Makeup wear and durability
  • Color intensification 
  • Texture enhancements 

The benefits have been proven in aqueous systems of such applications as mascara, foundation, eye-liners, eye-shadows and others. 

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