Hair Care

Multiple possibilities in hair care with SoBind™ Harmony

Use SoBind™ Harmony Soy Polymer to enhance your hair care formulations!

In hair care formulations SoBind™ Harmony can be used in general purpose shampoos, SLS free and baby shampoos , conditioners and leave-on hair masks, hair styling aids, hair dyes, bleaching preparations and others.

SoBind™ helps express and retain color in the dyed hair, it improves hair feel, comb and manageability. Hair formulations become simpler and have more natural focus!  

Primarily anionic, but with cationic and non-polar components ,  SoBind™ can be used in some formulations as a natural alternative to cationics  for conditioning effect.

Soy polymer provides easier hair manageability via lower dry combing friction. Film forming properties of SoBind™ improve hair feel, reduce fly away and prevent hair static charge build up. 

Protective film is evident in hair care products, leading to protection against color fade of dyed hair. In hair dyes, due to its interaction with pigments, soy polymer affects color intensity. Therefore, the amount of colorants used in a formulation may be reduced, providing cost saving opportunities to the formulator. 

With its non-thermoplastic behavior, SoBind™ Harmony provides non tacky styling and hold benefits in hair styling products.  Soy polymer strengthens hair and is an excellent natural alternative to synthetic styling aids .  

Last but not least, SoBind™, as a solid particle,  absorbed onto the interface between the formulation phases, can help deliver fragrance in wash off products. As a result, it leads to better deposition and fragrance retention on hair.

SoBind™ Harmony hair benefits in a glance:

  • Provides excellent dry comb conditioning benefits from  shampoo or rinse off conditioner formulations
  • Provides volume with reduced fly away
  • Prevents hair static charge build up
  • Reduces dyed hair color fade
  • Provides non tacky styling and hold benefits
  • Strengthens hair
  • Improved deposition and fragrance retention on hair

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