Skin Care & Sun Care

Enhance functional properties of your skin care products!

Use soy polymers for stabilization, sensory, texture, and protection benefits

SoBindTM Harmony products are extremely effective in o/w emulsions.

Soy polymers are film formers, they also act as emulsion stabilizers and rheology modifiers that can replace less effective natural products or harsher synthetic ones.  

The wide formulating pH range makes these products appropriate for baby lotions, anti-aging creams, men’s grooming preparations, skin treatments, hair removal, nail care, facial cleansers and more.  

Discover how SoBindTM Harmony can enhance your skin care formulations:  

  • Exceptional aesthetic & sensory properties 
  • Improved skin appearance, lifting and matte effect
  • Reduced skin irritation and stinging 
  • Enhanced pigments distribution & pigment efficiency 

Creams & Lotions 

Due to rheological properties of soy polymer you can obtain unique formulation textures.

Get  soft after feel & matte effect from the polymer's efficient film forming characteristics. Obtain uniform and easy application of the product and notice quick adsorption by skin.

Feel reduced greasiness and develop lightweight formulations. Proven applications in hand creams, lotions, BB/CC and anti-ageing creams, man after shave preparations etc.  

Sun care

SoBind™ has a strong affinity for pigments – it places them in a matrix within extremely efficient films, and improves pigment distribution in such applications as sunscreens and sun care products.

Pigments are better dispersed and stabilized with a film formed by soy polymer, and as a result , pigment efficiency is enhanced.  The SPF and UV values are better when the film is an effective multifunctional delivery tool. 

SoBind™ Harmony is SUN SAFE.  No Photo Sensitivity or Photo Toxicity. 

Use SoBind™ Harmony in your sun care formulations and obtain:  

  • Improved pigment dispersion & emulsion stability
  • Enhanced pigment efficiency 
  • Lightweight breathable film 
  • Uniform deposition
  • Quick & easy skin absorption, reduced white cast effect

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