International Elastomer Conference


New Vamac® Products Highlighted at International Elastomer Conference

Expo Booth #357

Visit DuPont Performance Polymers at the Expo on October 12th-15th, Cleveland, OH

Learn about the latest Vamac® elastomer solutions developed to help the auto industry achieve lower emissions and improve fuel economy to meet global regulations.

Two new Vamac® solutions added to our advanced materials portfolio:

  • Vamac® VMX5000 AEM - high heat series with improved heat aging resistance
  • Vamac® VMX2122 AEM - high viscosity dipolymer with improved physical properties

Download Vamac® VMX2122 AEM Data Sheet

These latest 2 offerings provide elastomers customers the proven performance of Vamac® AEM and demonstrate the commitment of DuPont to advance material science supporting the automotive industry.

Plan to attend Session D at the technical meeting, on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 9 a.m., when Ed McBride, DuPont Performance Polymers technology associate, will provide insight into the science behind new Vamac®VMX2122 in a Specialty Elastomer session entitled "Improved AEM Dipolymer - Peroxide Curable".

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International Elastomer Conference
Our International Elastomer Conference is the premier place where customers, suppliers of materials, equipment, tools and services, and educators come together. This event is the one place, one time of year, where you find the best of the best of our industry all under one roof. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, observations, regulatory reforms and emerging scientific technologies, as well as learning, networking, seeing current customers and making new ones.