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Crastin® Headlight Bezels [Video]

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DuPont™ Crastin® polybutylene terephthalate resin is tough, looks superb, and because of its electrical insulation properties, is already hard at work in an inspiring range of industrial applications. Like automotive headlamp bezels that lend a distinctive look and personality to the car without compromising on its performance. Automotive manufacturers choose Crastin® PBT for headlamp bezels because it provides higher temperature resistance (up to 170 °C) than polycarbonate with less outgassing compared to competitive materials and involves a lower overall cost. Because Crastin® PBT bezel grades are optimized to provide very high stability and very low thermal degradation during the molding process, automotive manufacturers are also able to achieve very low reject rates during production

When it comes to premium cars, looks really do matter. With the headlamp being one of the most important design features of any car, it’s important for manufacturers to choose materials that will best meet their needs. Crastin® PBT offers all the necessary features (temperature resistance, ease of metallization and resistance to climatic effects and moisture), while offering a perfect finish and fantastic aesthetics.

The performance of Crastin® PBT also makes it perfect for connectors, electrical components, distribution boxes and fiber optic cable jackets. In fact, DuPont offers the industry’s largest portfolio of electrical insulation systems grades pre-approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and recognized to IEC standards. Crastin® is available in over 100 grades, including FDA and EU food contact approved ones for use with food and cosmetics. It’s also easy to process on conventional injection molding machines, with specific grades available for blow-moulding and extrusion, demonstrating true versatility and range.

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