Trapping Fuel Tank Emissions with Greatario Covers

Because You Imagined... Lower Costs & a Cleaner Environment

For more flexible industrial covers that are better for the environment

Covers are used on industrial tanks to prevent evaporation, organic growth and odor dissemination of the liquid inside. Oil and gas tanks present a challenge because standard materials like polyolefin are not strong enough to defend against the aggressive chemicals. To address this, Greatario Covers selected DuPont™ Zytel® LCPA long chain polyamide resin for its flexible, hexagonal covers for oil and gas tanks.

DuPont™ Zytel® LCPA resin offers superior chemical resistance and low moisture absorption compared to competing thermoplastics. The low water absorption of Zytel® LCPA avoids weight gain that would affect the flotation of the floating covers and their capability to trap vapors. The reduction in absorption minimizes the need for ventilation and reduces odor release and product evaporation, thus offering environmental benefits and reduced cost.

Because You Imagined… lower costs and a cleaner environment

Wide range of grades and uses

Zytel® LCPA combines outstanding heat, chemical and hydrolysis resistance in a growing range of standard and Renewably Sourced (RS) grades. The wide range of Zytel® LCPA grades target specific performance characteristics including high temperature resistance, lower permeability to fuel and gases, high mechanical properties, high stiffness, good salt resistance, flexibility, and more.


The Zytel® LCPA family includes one of the industry’s widest lines of innovative, renewably sourced materials. Partially or entirely derived from non-food biomass (20-100%), the RS grades provide performance properties that can help customers make decisions that result in reduced use of fossil fuels in polymer feedstock, even in demanding applications.

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