Collaboration on Engines with BMW and Mahle

Because You Imagined... Better Performance & Fuel Efficiency

Building better engines and more for cars with Zytel® PLUS

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Through our proven expertise and collaborative partnerships, DuPont provides tailored solutions for specific industrial challenges. In an effort to develop a more efficient cooling system, BMW and system supplier Mahle selected DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS resin for the integrated indirect charge air cooler of select BMW models: the 740i, X5 4.4i and 340i.

DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS resin is a high temperature plastic with outstanding resistance to chemicals and heat (up to 230 °C), high weldability and excellent flowability. As a nylon, Zytel® PLUS is easy to process. And because it has DuPont’s exclusive SHIELD technology, comprised of high-performing additives, it’s even stronger. And, it has excellent surface appearance.

Thanks to the SHIELD technology, when components made from Zytel® PLUS are exposed to hot oil, hot air, coolant and road salt, they can achieve a service life twice to three times that of parts made from conventional nylons.

Because You Imagined… better performance and fuel efficiency.

Look to DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS. Parts made of Zytel® PLUS:

  • Last two to three times longer than other nylons when exposed to aggressive chemicals
  • Withstand 4,000 hours of exposure to hot air
  • Resist more than 3,000 hours of exposure to hot oil
  • Withstand more than 3,000 hours of exposure to hot automotive coolant
  • Retain the majority of its weld strength after 1,000 hours at 210 ºC, while traditional materials have dropped to almost zero

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