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Welcome to the Chemical Resistance Guide (updated December 2013)                                                                                                    


Please access the link below for the updated online Chemical Resistance Guide.  An added feature of this new version is an improved user interface. The CRG can be used offline from your desktop or smart phone (see instructions).  To ensure that you have the most recent upgrades, please periodically access the CRG on our website. When you register on this link, you will receive an email with a link to the CRG.


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What is the Chemical Resistance Guide?


The Chemical Resistance Guide (CRG) is a resource to help you choose the best elastomer for your application.  The CRG is divided into three sections. In Introduction to Elastomers there is basic information about elastomers and the properties that are important when selecting them.




In the General Chemical Resistance Guide, DuPont worked with the Los Angeles Rubber Group (TLARGI) to update its valuable "Chemical Resistance Guide," which has been an industry resource. With over 1,000 chemicals, you will find performance ratings of 20 elastomers in each selected chemical at room temperature.




In Elastomer Products from DuPont there is extensive performance data on DuPont products, Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts, Viton® fluoroelastomer and Vamac® AEM. It provides test data for these products over a wide range of chemicals and in a variety of operating temperatures.