Vespel® and Kalrez® parts in oil and gas applications

DuPont has been manufacturing Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer seals for more than 40 years. We control the process through development and manufacture of the base polymer, choice of cure system, compounding, and molding of finished parts for complete traceability.

Exceptional chemical resistance and mechanical stability are provided by DuPont’s polymer science and expert design capabilities in unique sealing solutions, which are both high and low temperature capable. Our customized sealing solutions are the industry preferred choice for safety and low-maintenance, driving operating costs lower in extreme operational conditions.

In 2017 DuPont™ Kalrez® and Vespel® invested in new testing capabilities in our European Technical Center in Switzerland. The equipment simulates the high pressure, extreme temperature environments to test sealing systems for Oil and Gas applications. It generates detailed data that allows accelerated validation and qualification of sealing components.

This is part of DuPont’s continued investment in cutting-edge testing capabilities and complements our existing Center of Excellence network for Fluids and Material Handling which is extensively used for industrial collaborations.

When sealing matters, make the right choice for your technical solutions provider.