Cosmetics Packaging Materials - The Gallery

Materials delivering the sophisticated look and feel for today’s cosmetics packaging

Food contact grade polyesters from DuPont Performance Polymers take luxury packaging for cosmetics to new levels by combining beautiful aesthetics with performance for plastics in contact with formulations and the option of renewably sourced products.

Value-adding plastics for cosmetics packaging

Value-adding plastics for cosmetics packaging

"The Gallery" - Design Materials Collection offers alternatives to current cosmetics packaging solutions, with DuPont™ Crastin® PBT  and renewably sourced DuPont™ Sorona® EP PTT resin grades (FG), which comply with European cosmetics and food-contact regulations. 

The world of beauty and cosmetics requires product packaging to not only be functional and cost effective, but to also be a major driver promoting brand values of luxury, prestige, design and glamor.

At DuPont we think the many possibilities for creativity and brand personality through packaging for the cosmetics industry could be viewed as similar to artists exhibiting in a gallery. The potential for new cosmetics packaging using Crastin ®and Sorona® EP  are seemingly endless. That’s why we grouped our cosmetics design materials collection under  “The Gallery”.

The cosmetics industry uses a diversity of polymers, based on the individual packaging application and performance capability required. The suitability of polymers for contact with cosmetic formulations is an important consideration.

Polyesters from DuPont – polymers of choice for cosmetics:

• Food contact grade polymers in compliance with International regulations (EU and FDA)
• Water contact appropriate
• Resistance to solvents
• Excellent color stability
• Almost “0” moisture absorption

DuPont­™ Crastin® and DuPont™ Sorona® EP

For those packaging applications in contact with the cosmetics formulations, DuPont proposes a wide range of polyester grades available in two materials: Crastin® PBT and bio-sourced Sorona® EP PTT.

Both products offer Food Contact approved in compliance with international regulations and allow differentiated and beautiful packaging that delivers superior aesthetics and excellent physical performance to the end-user.

DuPont, a reliable partner for the cosmetic sector:

• Compliance with the EU cosmetic regulation (EU nr.1223/2009) as well as food contact regulations (US: FDA and EU10/2011)
• Crastin® and Sorona® EP are available globally – reducing lead time and cost
• Significant history of applications by OEM’s in various market segments, often requiring excellent performance in demanding mechanical and chemical environments.
• DuPont technical expertise and know-how in cosmetics and high end products and has over 50 years experience in developing products for the cosmetics industry
• DuPont has the expertise in application development to realize the most creative design concepts in this highly demanding and exciting sector

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