Cyrel® System Peripherals

Enhance Productivity with Cyrel® Platemaking Peripheral Equipment

DuPont Packaging Graphics offers the tools you need to increase productivity and improve quality in any flexo printing application.

CDI Spark 4260 Inline UV

Cyrel® platemaking peripheral equipment enhances production efficiency, precision and speed for superior consistency and print quality.

With Cyrel® platemaking peripheral equipment, you can meet your customers’ demands for superior print quality while improving your bottom line.

Cyrel® Digital Imagers (CDI)

Cyrel® Cutting Table

Constructed to guarantee exact and systematic cutting of unprocessed and processed Cyrel® photopolymer plates.

Cyrel® Punch

Provides fast and efficient punching of unprocessed or processed Cyrel® photopolymer plates with high repeatable accuracy.

  • Cyrel® Punch (punches plates up to a nominal thickness of 7.25 mm – 0.285”)