AMBERLITE™ Ion Exchange Resins

AMBERLITE™ Ion Exchange Resins and Polymeric Adsorbents are available in a very wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and have been used for decades in high-value applications including water treatment in industrial and power generation plants, drinking water, food processing, chemical processing, bioprocessing, and pharmaceutical formulations.


AMBERLITE™ SR1L Na Resin is a gel type strong acid cation exchange resin of the sulphonated polystyrene type, used for water softening. Its principal characteristics are excellent physical, chemical and thermal stability, good ion exchange kinetics and high exchange capacity. AMBERLITE SR1L Na has been specially developed for potable water following a special manufacturing process which does not use any solvents. AMBERLITE SR1L Na is produced in a free flowing form which makes the filling of the units and cartridges very easy and rapid.

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Used In:

  • Hardness removal
  • Point of entry softeners


  • Manufacturing process without organic solvent EDC (dichloroethane) creates unique wrinkles on the surface, ensuring that no harmful substances such as EDC are leaked during use, and the household water environment is purified, which is safer and more secure.
  • Safety and health certification for many countries (China MOH, US NSF & FDA, German DIN, French DGS, Swiss SVGW, Austria LMSVG, UK WRAS) to ensure the health and safety for you and your family.
  • Excellent performance, low consumption of water and salt, environmentally friendly and economical practise data proves that its cycle water production is up to 20% higher than similar products.