Dow Corning® Class VI (C6) Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs)

Dow Corning® C6 LSRs are a series of two-part platinum, catalyzed silicone elastomers specifically designed for liquid injection molding or supported extrusion. This heat-cured series can be used for the fabrication of medical devices and device components including those intended for human implantation for less than 30 days and non-implant applications. Each C6 series elastomer is supplied in a two part kit (Part A and Part B) and the series offers a range of Shore A hardness from 30-70.

  • Mesh or fabric coating
  • Injection molding of precision and intricate parts of medical devices (e.g. O-rings, stoppers and closures)
  • Short-term implants such as wound drains and gastric feeding tubes that are in place for 29 days or fewer
  • Solventless
  • Easy processing
  • Highly reproducible and stable materials
  • Manufactured in a dedicated healthcare facility
  • Contains no peroxides, peroxide by-products, chlorophenyls or PCBs
  • No organic plasticizers, phthalates or latex additives
  • Fast cure and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Qualified to meet or exceed test requirements of: The U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia Silicone Elastomers for Closures and Tubing-Substances soluble in hexane and volatile matter and ISO 10993-1 surface devices: cytotoxicity, sensitization and irritation/intra-cutaneous reactivity
  • Additional attributes for C6-7XX series: Designed especially for fully automated systems, Improved mechanical properties like tear strength and compression set, No need for post cure to stabilize physical properties, Formulated to significantly reduce mold fouling, Enhanced throughput to limit cleaning and change-outs over time, and Low viscosity material flows into intricate molds at lower pressures with greater molding consistency


Product Name Description
C6-530 DOW CORNING Class VI Elastomers (C6-530, C6-540, C6-550, C6-560, C6-570) Parts A & B are a series of two-part platinum-catalyzed silicone elastomers.

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