Dow Corning® MDX4-4159, 50% Medical Grade Dispersion

Dow Corning® MDX4-4159 50% Medical Grade Dispersion is a dispersion containing 50 percent active silicone ingredients in mixed aliphatic and isopropanol solvents. The active silicone used is an aminofunctional dimethylsiloxane copolymer. The polar nature of the aminofunctional groups and the ability of the fluid to cure cause films to deposit and adhere to metal cutting edges.


  • Lubricant for cutting edges and needles including razor blades, scissors and hypodermic needles
  • Room temperature curable coating
  • Chemical functionality that attracts the coating to metal and some plastic surfaces
  • More substantive coating on metal surfaces than pure polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) fluid
  • Acceptable for lubricating hypodermic needles


  • Excellent lubricating for cutting edges
  • High adhesion to metal, providing durability
  • Easy application from dilute solvent solutions
  • Cures at room temperature upon exposure to atmospheric moisture

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