Dow Corning® Medical Grade (MG) Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Dow Corning® MG Silicone Adhesives are designed for use where a non-sensitizing adhesive is needed to adhere dressings, prosthetic and other metal or plastic devices to the body. Supplied as solvent-based materials which can be coated to leave an adhesive layer after solvent evaporation. Available in a range of tack options, solvent types and solid contents to meet application needs and processing constraints.

  • Adherence of ileostomy and colostomy appliances to the skin
  • Attachment of appliances to the skin for patient monitoring
  • Affixing surgical dressings and pads to the skin
  • External prosthetic device adhesion
  • Hairpiece adhesion


  • Low viscosity materials, coatable using conventional tape coating equipment
  • High adhesion and conformity to the skin
  • Non-sensitizing
  • Non-irritating
  • Excellent permeability to moisture and gasses with retained adhesive properties in the presence of moisture or perspiration, under normal temperature variations
  • Long lasting, non-gumming and non-peeling characteristics


Product Name Description
MG-2410 Dow Corning MG-2410 Silicone Adhesive is a hot melt silicone pressure sensitive adhesive specifically designed for adhering medical devices to the body.

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