Dow Corning® Q7-2243 LVA, Simethicone USP

Dow Corning® Q7-2243 LVA, Simethicone USP is a specially formulated low volatile silicone antifoam designed for use in various medical and pharmaceutical applications requiring foam suppression or inhibition. It’s formulated and manufactured so that the quantity of volatile, low-molecular-weight silicone species is minimal.


  • Especially advantageous in the manufacture of anti-flatulent or anti-flatulent/antacid tablets
  • Products where processing conditions, such as drying by high surface area exposure at elevated temperatures, will result in loss of volatile silicone species and subsequent low assay results for silicone fluid


  • Highly effective defoamer at low concentrations
  • Specially formulated and process to minimize low molecular weight silicone species
  • Low volatility allows for processing at a broader temperature range
  • Complies with all U.S. and European Pharmacopoeia requirements for Simeticone

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Q7-2243 LVA, Simethicone USP