Dow Corning® Q7-9180 Silicone Fluid

Dow Corning® Q7-9180 Silicone Fluid is a clear, colorless low viscosity and highly volatile linear siloxane, available in two narrow viscosities. It’s commonly used as base fluid in topical formulation because of its volatility, spreadability and smooth and non-greasy feel on the skin. It can also be used in a range of dermatological applications and as an excipient in topical formulations.


  • Medical device cleaning solvent
  • Pharmaceutical carrier fluid
  • Equipment cleaning solvent
  • Dilutes Dow Corning® 360 Medical Fluid
  • Swells silicone tubing


  • High volatility
  • High spreadability
  • Dry smooth feel
  • Non-greasy
  • Non occlusive


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Q7-9180, 0.65 cSt


Q7-9180, 1.0 cSt