Dow Corning® SilAc Hybrid Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Dow Corning® SilAc Hybrid Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) is a silicone-acrylate hybrid PSA designed to provide a balance of adhesive and drug release performances. The resulting hybrid structure combines polyacrylate and silicone PSA molecular structures in a stable semi-interpenetrated network. The innovative single-technology solution offers the performance of silicone acrylic blends while ensuring phase stability and formulation flexibility.

  • Transdermal drug delivery system applications
  • Wide formulation flexibility
  • Improved wear and adhesion
  • Efficient drug load and drug diffusion
  • Suitable water permeability
  • Cold-flow resistance
  • Rheological behavior which produces coating homogeneity


Product Name Description
7-6102 SilAc Hybrid PSA Dow Corning QP1-9140 silicone fluid is a clear, colorless polydimethylsiloxane liquid.

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