Dow Corning® Soft Skin Adhesives, Parts A & B

Dow Corning® Soft Skin Adhesives, Parts A & B are two-part platinum-catalyzed, soft filler-less elastomeric adhesives for wound care applications. The physical properties of these adhesives produce cohesive and self-adhering materials for biomedical applications.


  • Over-the-counter bandages
  • Scar therapies
  • Pharmaceutical topical applications
  • Transdermal drug delivery system applications


  • Solventless, two-part system
  • Transparent before and after curing
  • Versatile, temperature controlled cure cycles
  • Low viscosity
  • Non-sensitizing and non-irritating
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Gentle adhesion to skin with low peel release force

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North America

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Europe, Middle East, Africa & India

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Asia Pacific

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Latin America



Product Property 1

Product Property 2

MG7-9700 Kit (A&B)


MG7-9800 Kit (A&B)


Low Adhesion

MG7-9850 Kit (A&B)


Medium Adhesion

Longer Wear Period

MG7-9900 Kit (A&B)


High Adhesion

Longer Wear Period