Dow Corning® TI-3021 Silicone Elastomer Blend

Dow Corning® TI-3021 Silicone Elastomer Blend is a formulation ingredient in topical consumer healthcare applications and acts as a thickener for anhydrous gels and water in oil emulsions. With a wide range of applications, it provides a silky, smooth non-tacky feel, and long lasting feel on the skin.


  • Dermatological consumer applications
  • Medicated skin care applications
  • Healthcare applications
  • Rheology modifier
  • Thickener


  • Non-occlusive
  • Non-flammable
  • Substantive
  • Contributes to a silky, smooth feel in formulations
  • Long lasting skin feel
  • Provides thickening in anhydrous and w/o emulsion formulations
  • Contains non-volatile dimethicone as carrier
  • Can be used in either hot or cold processes

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