FILMTEC™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements

FILMTEC™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements feature advanced membrane technology and offer outstanding reliability and consistency. Our automated fabrication process allows precise production of every element to tight, pre-defined specifications, helping customers develop and maintain brand recognition along with a reputation for building systems that reliably provide low-impurity drinking water.

FILMTEC™ TW30-3812-800

FILMTEC™ TW30-3812-800 Residential RO Elements offer exceptional high flow performance in a compact 3812 element construction while also maintaining the benefit of trusted RO membrane contaminant rejection. The combination of FILMTEC™ patented membrane flat sheet technology and engineered element design is harnessed to achieve element performance that enables the design of industry leading tankless RO purifier systems.

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Used In:

  • Tank-free operation
  • Point-of-use reverse osmosis water treatment systems
  • Production of home drinking water higher flowrate


  • NSF certified, made in the U.S.A with the stringent 6-sigma system by FILMTEC™, modern RO technology inventor and world market leader.
  •  High water efficiency (LEVEL 1) with low wastewater discharge, extraordinary lifetime with reliable performance. 
  • All-weather tankless application adapting to various kitchen use occasions. High flow up to 2.1L/min enabling fill a cup of water in 6.6 seconds. Saving 50% waiting time compared with normal tankless drinking water purifires to let you enjoy the abundant flow.
  • Professional choice for commercial application e.g. restaurants, coffee shops and offices