Silastic® BioMedical Grade Enhanced Tear Resistant (ETR) Bases

Silastic® BioMedical Grade ETR Elastomer Bases are one-part, uncatalyzed elastomer materials designed for compounding into elastomer for part fabrication and medical devices. ETR Elastomer Bases are composed of dimethyl and methylvinyl siloxane copolymers and reinforcing silica. High Consistency Rubbers are millable thermoset silicone elastomers that can be extruded continuously to form a desired size and shape before curing. The resulting elastomers range in hardness from soft to firm, 35 to 65 Shore A Durometer.


  • Fabrication of extruded or molded parts
  • Fabrication of medical, surgical and diagnostic devices and components
  • Can be included in short-term implants that are in place for 29 days or fewer


  • Non-tacky surface
  • Pigmentable
  • Flexible peroxide selection
  • Blendable to modify durometer
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • No organic plasticizers or phthalates
  • Qualified to meet or exceed test requirements of: The U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI, European Pharmacopoeia Silicone Elastomers for Closures and Tubing-Substances soluble in hexane and volatile matter and ISO 10993-1 surface devices: cytotoxicity, sensitization and irritation/intra-cutaneous reactivity

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