Silastic® MDX BioMedical Grade Elastomers

Silastic® MDX BioMedical Grade Elastomers are a pourable two-component product which, when combined, cures to a translucent silicone rubber at room temperature and may be more rapidly cured by application of heat. Designed for use in medical device encapsulating and mold-making applications and can be customized to meet high quality standards for medical applications.



  • Drug matrix for controlled release of drug delivery systems
  • General prototyping, molding and fabrication of medical devices
  • Flexible mold to facilitate encapsulation of electronic components of biomedical device


  • Pigmentable
  • Non-blooming
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Room temperature and heat accelerated cure
  • Essentially no shrinkage when cured at room temperature
  • Contains no peroxides, peroxide by-products, chlorophenyls or PCBs
  • Contains no organic plasticizers, phthalates or latex additives
  • Qualified to address ISO 10993-1 tests for “limited” and “prolonged” contact duration
  • Qualified to meet or exceed test requirements of: The U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia Silicone Elastomers for Closures and Tubing-Substances soluble in hexane and volatile matter

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