TAPTEC™ Residential Elements 

TAPTEC™ Residential Elements provide a unique balance of reliability and value for performance by leveraging the proven technologies from DuPont - one of the most trusted brands in water treatment and the inventor of thin-film composite RO membrane, the core of modern RO technology. Focused on the local water conditions and water purifier operations, TAPTEC™ RO Elements are committed to be the choice for normal households.

TAPTEC™ TT-3012-400

TAPTEC™ TT-1812-400 Residential RO elements offer higher flowrate (10% higher flowrate than key competition) under low pressure for 400G tankless water purifiers with proven technology from DuPont Water Solutions. And it is a NSF certified element. 

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Used In:

  • Tank-free
  • Point-of-use reverse osmosis water treatment systems
  • Production of home drinking water


Proven technology from DuPont Water Solutions

Low pressure and higher flowrate. +10% higher flowrate than key competing products

NSF certified element

Focus on the local needs in Asia

Value for money