DOW™ Ultrafiltration Modules

Ultrafiltration Modules (26 and 28 series) have been proven in hundreds of installations. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a pressure-driven membrane separation process that separates particulate matter from solutions; Ultrafiltration membranes reject particulates that are 0.03 microns and larger, facilitating high removal capability for bacteria, viruses, colloids, silt and more.

Ultrafiltration SFP-2860

Ultrafiltration SFP-2860 Modules are an ideal choice for systems with capacities greater than 50 m3/hr (220 gpm). The large, 8-inch diameter module offers high effective membrane area, contributing to a more economical membrane system design. The shorter, 60-inch length module offers higher efficiencies over a wider range of feed water conditions compared to longer modules and also makes it an ideal choice for containerized system designs. Ultrafiltration SFP-2860 Modules are made from high-strength, PVDF hollow fiber membranes.

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Used In:

  • Industrial water pretreatment
  • Protection of reverse osmosis elements
  • Wastewater and water reuse systems
  • Ground water and surface water treatment
  • Seawater desalination pretreatment
  • Containerized systems


  •  Excellent removal of colloids, particles, and bacteria
  •  High flux membrane
  •  High surface area for good packing density and small footprint
  •  Low chemical consumption
  •  High chemical-resistance PVDF that allows aggressive chemical use for treating challenging water when needed
  •  Temperature tolerant for more effective cleaning
  •  Mechanically strong fibers enabling long module life
  •  Robust design for long life

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