With options available globally for use in biofouling control, anaerobic microbial control, and fluid preservation, the comprehensive AQUCAR™ Water Treatment Microbiocides portfolio includes key chemistries (link to chemistries) such as glutaraldehyde, glut/quat blends, DBNPA, bronopol, OPP and dimethyl-oxazolidine.

AQUCAR™ DB 100 MUP Water Treatment Microbiocides

A fast-acting, non-oxidizing biocide, AQUCAR™ DB 100 MUP Water Treatment Microbiocides offer outstanding environmental properties because it is non-persistent and degrades to naturally occurring products. DBNPA (2.2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide) provides efficient and economical microbiological control of microorganisms in cooling towers, paper mills and oil field applications at low-use concentrations.

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Used In:

  • Manufacturing use only


  •  Fast-acting, broad-spectrum biocide
  •  Free-flowing, white crystalline solids
  •  EPA registered as an end-use product

Typical Properties

Footnote:  Please Note That Not All Products Are Registered In All Regions For All Applications. Please Contact Your Local Dow Representative For Detailed Technical Information Applicable To Your Individual Situation.; Use Biocides Safely. Always Read The Label And Product Information Before Use.


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