With options available globally for use in biofouling control, anaerobic microbial control, and fluid preservation, the comprehensive AQUCAR™ Water Treatment Microbiocides portfolio includes key chemistries (link to chemistries) such as glutaraldehyde, glut/quat blends, DBNPA, bronopol, OPP and dimethyl-oxazolidine.


AQUCAR™ DB 5 Water Treatment Microbiocide is a fast-acting microbiocide with low environmental impact. This product provides broad-spectrum control of bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae.

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Used In:

  • Recirculating water cooling towers
  • Pulp, paper and paperboard mills
  • Industrial air washer systems
  • Oilfield water


  •  Rapid decomposition in aquatic environments with only carbon dioxide, ammonia and bromide ions remaining as end products
  •  Compatible with chlorine
  •  Completely miscible with water and easily dispersed upon introduction into the system


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America