AURUM® TPI resin

AURUM® TPI is a thermoplastic polyimide resin that is melt-processable lending itself to fabrication methods such as injection molding and extrusion.

Offering continuous use temperatures to 240°C (465°F), AURUM® parts exhibit low outgassing, superior radiation resistance, excellent wear performance and resistance to chemicals. Components made from AURUM® resin are excellent replacements for metals, ceramics, and other plastics.

Examples of typical applications include: thrust washers and seal rings for automotive and off-road vehicle transmissions, thermal insulators and stripper fingers for high-speed copiers, jet engine components, check valve balls, spline couplings, heat resistant gears, vanes, wear strips, valve seats, carriers for aluminum hard disks and silicon wafers, journal bearings, and bearing retainers. AURUM® parts can be recycled because of its thermoplastic nature.

AURUM® TPI resins are available for purchase from DuPont. Please contact your local DuPont Vespel® representative.


AURUM® TPI is a registered trademark of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


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