BIOBAN™ offers a comprehensive portfolio of actives, including Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT), BIT, Bronopol, CMIT/MI as well as blends to address contamination challenges of your polymers, paints and coatings

BIOBAN™ 358 Antimicrobial

BIOBAN™ 358 Antimicrobial is a VOC-free preservative for dry film applications that contains three different active ingredients (DCOIT , OIT and Diuron) for exceptional performance against a broad range of fungi and algae. It provides superior protection of all exterior coatings, where algae can be a challenge. Such surfaces are often covered with airborne particles from industrial production and internal combustion engines, soil and fertilizer, pollen and other particulates that can serve as substrates for microorganisms.

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Used In:

  • Paints and coatings which are applied on wood or mineral surfaces


  •  Offered as a liquid, flowable dispersion that is easily incorporated into formulations
  •  Easy to handle, meter and incorporate into aqueous systems
  •  Free of carbendazim
  •  Free of IPBC and does not contribute to yellowing or chalking


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe