Printed Electronic Materials

Biomedical Devices


Materials for Biomedical Devices

DuPont biosensor materials are trusted in critical patient care tests over five billion times per year.

DuPont produces a range of screen printable inks utilizing various metallurgies and organic systems for use in biosensors. These materials are specifically designed for use in medical monitoring, diagnostics, drug delivery, food and environmental sensors.

Our printed electronic materials provide functionality as the biosensor electrode, signal transfer trace, and microfluidic channel definition within point-of-care devices and test platforms.

DuPont Biosensor Materials include:

  • Electrically conductive compositions including silver and carbon for lines and contact pads.
  • Silver/Silver Chloride compositions used as electrodes for amperometric sensors, potentiometric sensors, and iontophoretic drug delivery devices.
  • Precious metal-based and carbon-based compositions for working electrodes in amperometric sensors.
  • Fired-on and other customized materials - Contact us for details.