Tyvek / Cool-Guard® Vest

996000 BU

Cool-Guard® Vest

Effective February 2022, the DuPont™ Cool-Guard® vest is discontinued. No substitutions are available

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Name Description
Full Part Number 996000BU000001yy
Fabric/Materials Accessories
Design Cool-Guard® Vest
Color Blue
Quantity/Box 1 per case


  • Aids in reducing potential for heat stress while wearing chemical protective garments
  • Patented phase change material stays cool for several hours
  • Packets can be easily recharged in ice water
  • Washable Vest
  • Includes one set of 4 phase change packs.
  • Total Weight = 4.8 pounds
  • Carrier Length = 25 inches (From top of shoulder to bottom of carrier)
  • Carrier Width = 16.5 inches (front) and 13.25 inches (back) (Does not include adjustable waist strap length)
  • Carrier Fabrics and Colors available = Banox FR3 / Blue
  • Cooling Pack Weight (each) = 400 Grams of 65 degree material
  • Cooling Pack Weight (total per garment) = 1600 Grams of 65 degree material
  • Square inches of cooling per Cooling Pack = 54
  • Square inches of cooling total = 216
  • Cooling Pack shell material = medical grade urethane (10 mil)
  • Typical Cooling Duration* = 2 to 2.5 hours @ 100° F
  • Typical Recharge Time** = 20 minutes in container of ice and water

    *These Duration’s may vary based on the wearers physiology, workload and the multiple variables associated with the work environment.
    **Recharging can also be accomplished via a refrigerator or freezer. These times vary due to Cooling Pack placement and temperature settings. These times are usually around an hour.


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