ANGUS offers a variety of primary amino alcohols and corrosion inhibitors marketed under the CORRGUARD™ name. The CORRGUARD products provide formulators with raw materials that are easy and relatively safe to handle, provide multifunctional benefits such as extending fluid life, and are of consistent high quality. With a portfolio of globally registered products, we help find solutions to your metalworking fluid challenges.

CORRGUARD™ 75 Amino Alcohol

CORRGUARD™-75 is a primary amino alcohol that is an efficient neutralizer of acidic ingredients and a leading amine for metalworking fluid formulations where performance matters.

Used In:

  • Metalworking Fluids


  • Cost efficient alkaline pH development and neutralization of acidic components
  • Reduced microbial degradation
  • Stable emulsions at high pH
  • Minimal ammonia release
  • Minimal leaching of cobalt
  • Minimal foam generation
  • Lower contribution to chemical oxygen demand (COD)