Cyrel® System Peripherals

Enhance Productivity with Cyrel® Platemaking Peripheral Equipment

DuPont Packaging Graphics offers the tools you need to increase productivity and improve quality in any flexo printing application.

Cyrel® platemaking peripheral equipment enhances production efficiency, precision and speed for superior consistency and print quality.

With Cyrel® platemaking peripheral equipment, you can meet your customers’ demands for superior print quality while improving your bottom line.


Cyrel® Digital Imagers (CDI)


Cyrel® Cutting Table

Constructed to guarantee exact and systematic cutting of unprocessed and processed Cyrel® photopolymer plates.

Cyrel® Punch

Provides fast and efficient punching of unprocessed or processed Cyrel® photopolymer plates with high repeatable accuracy.

  • Cyrel® Punch (punches plates up to a nominal thickness of 7.25 mm – 0.285”)
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Uses and Applications

Tag & Label Market Solutions

Solution for tag & label market enable very fast processing, cost savings and sustainability while delivering high-quality results.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Cyrel® flexible packaging conventional and digital flexo plates for solvent, flat top dot and thermal workflows

cat cyrel dlc
Corrugated Market Solutions

When it comes to corrugated market solutions, DuPont has set the standard for quality and productivity.

Folding Carton Market Solutions

Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates, deliver the high quality your folding carton customers demand

Beverage Carton Market Solutions

High-quality, long-running DuPont™ Cyrel® and Cyrel® FAST flexo plates are ideal for beverage carton printing.