Hybrid Circuit Materials

Dielectric & Encapsulant Materials


Dielectric & Encapsulant Materials for Hybrid Circuits

DuPont offers a complete set of high-performing dielectric materials, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

These materials are designed to deliver the best reliability/performance vs. system level cost, enabling more cost-effective manufacturing processes including fine-line printing, 30 or 60 minute firing profiles, co-fireability and unprecedented field reliability.

Dielectric materials for alumina or aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates from DuPont feature:

  • Broad conductor compatibility (gold, silver and alloys) for both cross-over and multilayer systems
  • Excellent re-fire stability
  • Co-fire compatibility

Encapsulants for alumina substrates from DuPont offer:

  • Pb-free and Cd-free systems that require low temperature firing profiles from 550 ◦C to 620 ◦C
  • Excellent compatibility with printed resistors delivering very predictable printed resistor shifts