DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ Ion Exchange Resins




DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ 88 Ion Exchange Resin is a uniform particle size, macroporous, strong acid cation exchange resin, supplied in the Na-form. It provides an ideal balance of high operating capacity, excellent physical strength, efficient regeneration and long resin life, which together, result in low operating costs. DOWEX MONOSPHERE 88 resin is preferred for longer storage periods since it is shipped in the more stable Na-form.







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DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ Ion Exchange Resins


DOWEX MONOSPHERE™ Ion Exchange Resins are recognized as the premium offering in the deashing of sweeteners, the chromatographic enrichment of high fructose corn syrup and sugar recovery in beet sugar plants, and condensate polishing mixed beds for nuclear power generation plants. The tight uniform particle size of the beads provides premium performance over standard-grade resins with Gaussian particle size distribution. Both cation and anion exchange resins in both gel and macroporous polymer structures are available.