Kevlar / Showa STEX KV3

Showa STEX KV3

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Name Description
Manufacturer Showa
Model STEX KV3
Hazard Abrasion, Cut, Puncture
Industry Automotive., Construction, Glass Handling, Manufacturing, Metal Handling, Waste Management
Weight Heavy (7-10G)
Color Yellow
Coated Material Name Latex
EN 388:2016 – 6.1: Abrasion 3
EN 388:2016 – 6.5: Puncture 4
EN 388:2003 Cut Coup 5


579 Edison Street, Menlo, GA 30731 Tel: 800-241-0323

Product Description
  • A flexible, easy maintenance grip glove featuring Hagane Coil® technology to provide optimum protection from cuts.