Kevlar / Superior Glove Works Cool Grip SKPX/PSS

Superior Glove Works Cool Grip SKPX/PSS

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Name Description
Manufacturer Superior Glove Works
Model Cool Grip SKPX/PSS
Hazard Abrasion,HighHeat,Cut
Industry Glass Handling
Cut New ANSI/ISEA 105-16 A4
Contact Heat (ANSI) 5
Weight Heavy (7-10G)
Coated Material Name Foam (other)

Superior Glove Works

36 Vimy Street, Acton ON, Canada , L7J 1S1 Tel: 800-265-7617
Fax: 519-853-1920

Product Description
  • Made using a blend of Kevlar® and Protex® yarns, this glove offers fantastic heat protection.
  • Kevlar® fiber is renowned for its incredible heat-resistant properties.
  • It will not melt or drip when exposed to open flame.