Kevlar / Superior Glove Works Sure Grip® SKC/C2NBW

Superior Glove Works Sure Grip® SKC/C2NBW

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Name Description
Manufacturer Superior Glove Works
Model Sure Grip® SKC/C2NBW
Hazard Abrasion, Cut
Industry Glass Handling, Metal Handling
ANSI/ISEA 105-16 - 5.1.1: Cut A2
ANSI/ISEA 105-16 - 5.3.3: Contact Heat Resistance 3

Superior Glove Works

36 Vimy Street, Acton, ON, Canada , L7J 1S1 Tel: 800-265-7617
Fax: 519-853-1920

Product Description
  • Nitrile applied to hot mill gloves makes a huge improvement over PVC because it withstands higher temperatures, and unlike PVC, will not melt or mar surfaces or leave smears on objects. Kevlar®/cotton knit provides ASTM cut-level A2 protection for dual resistance against heat and cut.