Hybrid Circuit Materials

Fodel™ Photoimigeable Pastes


Fodel™ Photo Defined Thick Film Ceramic Compositions

The Fodel™ photo defined thick film ceramic system, featuring dielectric, silver and gold conductors, combines the best and most cost-effective photolithography processes used in electronics today with the performance and reliability of thick film ceramics. The resulting combination enables the creation of high density/fine line/fine geometry circuits, ideal for the most challenging applications and toughest operating environments, all while keeping production costs low.

Because they don’t require dedicated processing equipment, Fodel™ compositions are very cost-effective. The compositions respond to ultra-violet (UV) light at around 400 nanometers (similar to liquid photo imageable (LPI) solder mask, or other primary imaging systems) and can be imaged in either collimated or non-collimated exposure units.

The Fodel™ system, designed for aqueous-based development, is compatible with standard (UV wavelength response) circuit board production processes, for easy incorporation. The sintering process is also designed for standard production processes; after photo defining the circuit, it can be fired in standard ceramic thick film furnaces in 30 or 60 minute profiles at 850OC.