Kapton® 150FWR019

Kapton® 150FWR019

DuPont™ Kapton® FWR is a heat fusible polyimide-FEP fluoropolymer composite film that has a unique balance of excellent electrical, thermal durability, and chemical resistance properties. The properties of Kapton® FWR will provide a tough, high dielectric strength insulation with significantly improved hydrolysis resistance compared to other commonly used polyimide materials. Kapton® FWR can be properly processed on most tape wrapping machines. It can be fused using either induction or radiant heat. Kapton® FWR films have a higher modulus and lower water vapor permeability than equivalent Kapton® FN films. The wire wrapping and sealing process may have to be modified to compensate for these differences

Kapton® 150FWR019 film is constructed of a 1.0 mil Kapton® polyimide film with 0.5 mil of FEP fluoropolymer on one side.

  • Aerospace and specialty wires
  • ESP motors
  • High reliability
  • High temperature
  • Industrial motor insulation
  • Magnet wire
  • Traction motors: rail, auto, mining
  • Kapton® Polyimide films

Features & benefits

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  • Heat Fusible
  • High dielectric strength
  • Mechanically Tough
  • UL 94 recognition: V-0

    Available Sizes

    Gross Weight Net Weight Carton Each Carton Length Carton Weight Carton Height
    781 0 0 0

    Physical Properties

    Property Method Unit Value
    Dissipation Factor at 1 kHz ASTM D-150 (kptn-10) 0.0013
    ASTM D-150 (kptn-10) 0.0013
    Tensile Modulus (kptn-99) ASTM D-882 kpsi 520
    ASTM D-882 GPa 3.6
    ASTM D-882 GPa 3
    ASTM D-882 kpsi 430
    UL Mechanical RTI UL746B °C 200
    UL746B °C 200
    Flammability (kptn-29) UL Test Method UL-94 V-0
    UL Test Method UL-94 V-0
    Elongation (kptn-22) ASTM D-882 % 60
    ASTM D-882 % 63
    Hydroscopic Coefficient of Expansion — (kptn-1) ppm/% RH 9
    — (kptn-1) ppm/% RH 9
    Moisture Absorption, 100% RH ASTM D-570 (kptn-31) % 2.2
    ASTM D-570 (kptn-31) % 2.2
    Water Vapor Permeability (kptn-127) ASTM E-96 g/m2 /day 8.4
    ASTM E-96 g/m2 /day 8.4
    Yield — (kptn-1) m²/kg 16.3
    — (kptn-1) ft²/lb 79.7
    — (kptn-1) m²/kg 11.6
    — (kptn-1) ft²/lb 56.8
    Dielectric Strength (kptn-19) ASTM D-149 (kptn-5) kV/mm 177
    ASTM D-149 (kptn-5) V/mil 4500
    — (kptn-1) kV/mil 5.4
    ASTM D-149 (kptn-5) V/mil 5000
    — (kptn-1) kV/mil 5.6
    ASTM D-149 (kptn-5) kV/mm 197
    Dielectric Constant ASTM D-150 (kptn-10) 2.7
    ASTM D-150 (kptn-10) 2.7
    Volume Resistivity (kptn-120) ASTM D-257 (kptn-21) ohm-cm 2.3017
    ASTM D-257 (kptn-21) ohm-cm 2.3017
    UL Electrical RTI UL746B °C 240
    UL746B °C 240
    Thickness (kptn-111) ASTM D-374 µm 38
    ASTM D-374 mil 1.5
    ASTM D-374 mil 2
    ASTM D-374 µm 50
    Density (kptn-17) ASTM D-1505 g/cc 1.69
    ASTM D-1505 g/cc 1.83
    Tensile Strength (kptn-103) ASTM D-882 kpsi 34
    ASTM D-882 MPa 234
    ASTM D-882 kpsi 30
    ASTM D-882 MPa 207
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