KATHON™ for Silicone Sealants

Microbicides for silicone sealants


KATHON™ 287 PXE is an environmentally-friendly microbicide that has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for use in acetoxy silicone sealants.

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Used In:

  • Acetoxy silicone sealants


  •  Broad spectrum protection (fungal, algal and bacterial)
  •  Practically insoluble in water, providing long term protection
  •  Does not interfere with the acid curing process
  •  Cost-effective performance
  •  Does not yellow or cause other adverse effects
  •  Contains active ingredient that won US EPA Green Chemistry Award, non-persistant in environment, readily dissipated by biological and chemical means
  •  Easy to incorporate liquid formulation

Typical Properties

Appearance:   Colorless To Amber Solution


  • North America