Highly effective and environmentally sound microbicides


KATHON™ ICP III's broad-spectrum activity, excellent physical and chemical compatibility and low toxicity at recommended use levels provide formulators with an economical, effective, and environmentally acceptable alternative to other commercial preservatives

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Used In:

  • Cleaners and polishes: all purpose cleaners, floor and furniture polishes/waxes, automotive washes, polishes and waxes
  • Laundry products: liquid laundry detergents, fabric softeners, pre-spotters
  • Liquid detergents: hand dishwashing detergents, hand cleaners, hand soaps
  • Other items: moist towelettes, air fresheners, moist sponges, gel air fresheners, raw materials and surfactants


  •  Lowest dose
  •  Broader spectrum of activity
  •  Supplied as aqueous solutions readily incorporated into household/industrial formulations
  •  Good compatibility with surfactants and emulsifiers, irrespective of their ionic nature
  •  Effective over a broad pH range
  •  No color or odor imparted to household/industrial consumer products
  •  Safe at recommended use levels


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe