LiquidArmor™ Flashing and Sealant

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An innovative alternative to tape

A winner of the 2016 Edison “Gold” Award for Energy and Sustainability, LiquidArmor™ Flashing and Sealant delivers high-performance protection from moisture and air through an innovative liquid solution. This easy-to-use elastomeric spray forms a tight, seamless barrier around windows and doors and is available in four distinct varieties ideal for any situation: the original LiquidArmor™ CM, LiquidArmor™ LT, LiquidArmor™ QS and LiquidArmor™ RS.


LiquidArmor™ Flashing and Sealant

Awarded "Gold" 2016 Edison Awards in the Energy and Sustainability

LiquidArmor™ Flashing and Sealant is an innovative liquid flashing alternative to conventional tape. It is designed to provide commercial buildings advanced moisture and air sealing protection.


Features & benefits

Feature Benefit
Easy to use
  • One-step application
  • Forms tight, seamless barrier along openings of windows and doors
  • Versatile
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces

    Product grades

    Name Description Code Compliance Featured Resource
    LiquidArmor™ CM Flashing and Sealant
    LiquidArmor™ CM Flashing and Sealant* is an innovative, patented liquid flashing solution designed to provide advanced moisture and air sealing protection to commercial buildings LiquidArmor™ CM is available in 5-gallon pails at select locations. LiquidArmor™ CM Flashing and Sealant complies with the following standards listed in the codes: • ASTM E331 – “Water Penetration of Exterior Windows by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference.” • ASTM E2357 – “Standard Test Method Product Information Sheet
    LiquidArmor™ LT
    LiquidArmor™ LT Flashing and Sealant is a durable, flexible, single-component silicone flashing alternative suitable for low-temperature applications, designed to provide commercial buildings with advanced moisture and air sealing protection. LiquidArmor™ LT is available in 2 gallon pails and 20 oz. sausages at select locations. Product Information Sheet

    Physical properties

    Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Water Vapor Transmission Accelerated Weathering Nail Sealing Ability Form Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Density Total Solids Elevated Temperature Durometer Hardness, Shore A Pull Adhesion Specific Gravity Shelf Life
    ASTM Method D412 D412 E96 Proc. B AAMA 714 Section 5.3 D1970 - - - - AAMA 714 Section 5.4 C661 D4541 - -
    Units psi % perms - - - Wt % Lbs/gal % - Points psi - months
    LiquidArmor™ CM Flashing and Sealant 340 270 4 Passes Passes Gray-blue, sprayable sealant 2.3 11.4 75 Passes -- -- -- --
    LiquidArmor™ LT 210 270 3.1 -- -- Gray, trowel-applied flashing and sealant 52 X -- 15 40 >16 1.6 12

    Available sizes


    Application Method
    LiquidArmor™ CM Flashing and Sealant Spray, Brush, Roll
    LiquidArmor™ LT Caulk gun, Trowel
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